Tiffany Circle of American Red Cross Grows in Chicago’s North Shore

MAD-red-cross-charmsThe American Red Cross (ARC) touches nearly every North Shore family.


From school activities, babysitting classes and CPR/lifeguard training to disaster relief fundraising, blood drives and more, they’re always there for us.

However, the Red Cross also sends volunteer first responders to every local fire and disaster. And until recently, significant fundraising outside of disaster relief was almost invisible here.

This is changing—thanks in part to local events in June 2012 and 2013 that recognize and promote the Tiffany Circle of women who donate $10,000 or more annually to the American Red Cross.

“This 132-year-old organization is deeply woven into the fabric of American society,” says Chicago Region CEO and Winnetka resident Fran Edwardson. “Because everyone expects us to be there, many of our efforts never make the news.”

What does “being there” mean? The Red Crosss spends 91 cents of every dollar directly on their mission. Last year, that assistance meant:

  • 60,000 disasters were served by ARC volunteers
  • 4 million people took classes
  • 7 million people received disaster relief internationally
  • 9 million blood units were distributed
  • 146 million children were vaccinated for measles

As an example of “being there,” at this year’s gathering Boston Marathon runner and Tiffany Circle National Leadership Council Member Karen Teller (front row, far right in photo) proudly spoke about the Red Cross’ prominent role responding to this year’s bombing.

“Red Cross volunteers have staffed 25 of the 26 first-aid stations at the Marathon for 40 years, and they were there the day of the bombing,” Teller says. “Dozens of bystanders, trained in first aid and CPR by Red Cross and similar organizations, joined them and immediately rushed to the victims’ aid.”

Although the Tiffany Circle’s name derives from a magnificent set of stained glass windows produced in the Tiffany Studios in 1917, the group also proudly gives Tiffany bracelets and charms to members for each year of participation. There is nothing like a great piece of Tiffany jewelry to enhance the power of a good mission and the knowledge that donation dollars are maximized by incredible volunteer efforts!


Photo caption: Members (left to right) Front row: Jan Tratnik, Fran Edwardson, Susan Noyes, Karen Teller; Middle row: Jana Schreuder, Sue Brenner, Cynthia Werts, Karen Hindman, Mary Pat Studdert, Susan Gallagher; Back row: Claudia Wolf, Aileen Blake, Kim Macpherson, Ginger Hellwarth, Alex Marren; North Shore members not included: Virginia Blankenbaker, Alexandra Nichols, Cate Waddell.

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