Tiffany & Co. Gives Back

This 175-year-old company started as a stationery and fancy goods company.

Charles Lewis Tiffany changed the store’s direction when he purchased a cache of diamonds in the 1840s from French aristocrats who needed cash more than jewels as they fled turmoil in their home country.

He was dubbed “the king of diamonds,” and the company’s legacy began. Louis Comfort Tiffany, a famed artist, expanded on his father’s business as the company’s first art director. Today, the international company continues its tradition of collaboration and design with partnerships including Elsa Peretti, Paloma Picasso and Jean Schlumberger.

Tiffany & Co. believes that a successful company has a responsibility to the greater community,” says Cathy Bushman, group director, Tiffany & Co. “By supporting nonprofit organizations on the North Shore, Tiffany & Co. seeks to build strong relationships within the community that work to make the North Shore a better place to live. We make charitable contributions locally based on the needs and priorities of the community.”


The Tiffany & Co. Foundation awards grants to nonprofits dedicated to design, cultural preservation, urban environments, coral conservation and responsible mining. In 2012, they awarded nearly 2 percent of their pre-tax earnings to charitable organizations, which will total more than $6 million.

They also have an employee giving and volunteer matching program, which encourages employees to donate time or money to a charity; for every 10 hours donated, Tiffany’s donates $100 to the organization.

Tiffany’s headquarters continues to be in New York City with a flagship store on Michigan Avenue and at Westfield Old Orchard and Northbrook Court locations.

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