Win Fighter Pilot for a Day, County Music Awards Tickets at Northfield Township Food Pantry’s “Pantry Palooza”

Bid in the auction or attend “Pantry Palooza” at Northfield Township Food Pantry on April 17, and you can help feed more than 650 struggling families living in Glenview, Northbrook and Northfield.

Unique experience auction items include flying a military jet fighter, tickets to Nashville’s famed Country Music Awards after-party and more.

“Pantry Palooza” is a win/win/win for all. Help yourself to good times while helping an important community resource—our local food pantry, which assists our neighbor families in need. Hunger and poor nutrition is unacceptable in our community. Make It Better is proud to be a media sponsor of “Pantry Palooza,” and we encourage you to lend your support to this great organization as well.




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