Jill Brickman, Glenview Sunrise Rotary Club

Jill Brickman is a former finance professional, and currently serves in an elected position as a Northfield Township Supervisor.

She joined Rotary in her 20s, and has helped to send young professionals on international career development trips. She’s personally travelled to Australia, France, Scotland, and Calgary to attend Rotary conferences.

Brickman became a charter member of the Glenview Sunrise Rotary Club before she turned 30. Her father was an active Rotarian and even served as vice president of Rotary International, and Brickman had always hoped to follow in his footsteps.

Brickman graduated with a degree in economics from Knox College in Galesburg, Ill. She began her career in finance, but eventually abandoned the business world to pursue elected office. She currently serves as a Northfield Township Supervisor.

“I really felt a call to public service, and it’s been one of the best decisions of my life,” Brickman says.

She still uses her financial expertise, but in a very different way. Brickman teaches a weekly money management class for homeless people. When she’s not busy working or volunteering, Brickman is active in her church and devotes a lot of time to training large-breed dogs. She currently shares her Glenview home—which was originally built by her grandparents and is on the street where she grew up—with a Saint Bernard and a Bernese Mountain dog.

Through her membership in the Glenview Sunrise Rotary Club, Brickman has gotten involved with philanthropic projects as nearby as Waukegan Road, where Rotarians volunteer to keep a stretch of the road clean, and as far away as South Africa, where her chapter helped to build a children’s cancer hospital. Brickman has also helped the Rotary Club send young professionals to New Zealand, Japan and Tanzania. She’s personally traveled to Australia, France, Scotland, and Calgary to attend Rotary conferences.

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