Kids Make It Better

Children attending the Westfield Old Orchard Family Harvest Festival offered their Make It Better perspective through words and drawings.

Here’s one special letter we received:

When I was born, I was very sick. I had heart, lung and stomach problems, and people didn’t know if I would survive. Doctors did surgery on me, putting a G-tube in me. It saved my life, along with open heart surgery and my esophagus being re-attached to my stomach.

Those doctors were amazing, but so was my family. Someone was always with me, as they are still when I go to the hospital, and everywhere else. They mixed CDs for me, read to me, watched TV with me, and even slept in those uncomfortable hospital chairs. (If you’ve ever been in one, you’ll know what I mean).

They go beyond what’s expected of them at all times and it’s so extraordinary. The doctors who helped me, do this every day. Can you imagine? Being an inch away from saving or killing a child every day?

That’s beyond amazing. These people do their work yet they never are appreciated.

I hope they are now.

– Hannah Williams

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