Philanthropy Awards 2012

In the early stages of Make It Better, a founding principle was that we would help nonprofit organizations project their message to the community.

Over the past four years, we’ve shared the stories of hundreds of organizations and individuals who are making a difference locally and around the globe. And we realized that the best of these organizations—the ones who squeeze every drop of goodness out of each dollar; groups who understand that to change the world, you need to start by changing a life; and the innovators who aren’t afraid to tap into technology to change old practices—deserve to be recognized and rewarded.

Our congratulations to these amazing organizations, and the men and women who work every day to make their missions come to life. We commend you and what you are doing to strengthen families, children and our communities.


By the Hand Club for Kids

Lives Made Better

At an average cost of $5,700 per year per child, the by The Hand Club for Kids provides comprehensive after-school assistance and mentoring for children through high school, college and beyond. In 12 years it has grown from 16 students to over 895 currently served.


Fundraising Innovation

All of the funds raised go 100 percent toward the mission; each $200 ticket purchased sends one child living at LYDIA Home in Chicago to camp.

Innovations for Learning
Educational Innovation, NationalClose to 40 percent of first-grade students in Washington D.C. are taught to read using this program, and D.C. schools have seen a 13-point gain in reading scores.
Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund
Educational Innovation, LocalBy collaborating closely with a scholar’s family, school and other nonprofits, DMSF leverages $4,000 per year partial scholarships into hundreds of thousands of dollars of financial aid per student by college graduation.
Spark Program
Most Inspiring Mission, NationalThe high school graduation rate for participants in California is 98 percent, versus the California state average of about 74 percent.


Girls in the Game
Most Inspiring Mission, LocalIndependent research by Learning Point associates and Loyola university shows notable improvement in exercise rates, nutrition knowledge, healthy diet, enhanced leadership abilities and self-esteem for girls after just one year in the after-school program.


A Safe Haven
Most Inspiring Mission, LocalThe program keeps families together, provides services to treat each individual’s range of problems, and includes job training, placement and follow-up services.


Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association
Most Improved FundraiserAny person has the chance to participate in sports programs offered by GLASA, despite physical or visual limitations. For every dollar raised, $.91 goes to funding these empowering programs.


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