Roots and Wings

Like most parents, I aspired to give my six kids roots and wings.

Roots grown from family stories, traditions, and responsibilities. Spiritual roots. Rich community relationship roots. Wings sprouted from nurturing  their authentic interests and passions.

I never anticipated though how much those wings would challenge me. These young adults fly off to such unexpected and physically or emotionally challenging places.

One settles indefinitely in Japan, where the government requires him to stockpile “Emergency Cloth Portable Toilets” and monitors the radioactivity of the food and water. Another pursues a career in the ephemeral worlds of music, acting and fashion. (And, yes, I still suffer the inevitable rejections far more than she.) A third takes every opportunity to ride the biggest waves around the world and explore new cultures.

The reality of our new “global community” strikes hard. I fight off tears at their great distance; they feel only a click or iChat away.

But, I must confess, I enjoy a richer life because of this too. My offspring introduce me to new ideas and places. Our family life becomes culturally kaleidoscopic, reminiscent of the rainbow tie-dye pants the surfer brought home as presents for everyone from Morocco.

As we mark the magazine’s second anniversary, I’m excited about and enriched by Make It Better’s roots and wings too. And I’m grateful for my second family, the very talented Make It Better staff.

Our work together has grown strong roots in this community and given wings to many good people, ideas, businesses and organizations. Our impressive numbers prove this:

28 journalism prizes and media awards won
45,553 lives made better
$1,461,657 raised for nonprofits

We hope that our work also has helped make your life better, or given roots or wings to someone  important to you.  If so, please tell us.
And if you have any advice on how to get your kids to return and settle close to home, please share it!

Thank you.


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