Want Change? Petition!

What’s a girl to do? The street needs repairing.The guy next door, who never wears a shirt and should, has ruined the neighborhood with that ugly fence.That new village ordinance prohibiting dogs who bark is outrageous.We need a “Stop” sign at that corner! The school board is doing what?!?

Got a problem with things that government, media, boards, sports teams, commissions or institutions do? Want to get their attention, get them to do something or reverse something they’ve already done?

Start a petition!
Collect signatures. Citizens wanting change have been doing it for centuries. Here is an easy guide to starting a petition drive:

If addressing a grievance with government, check to see if there is a form or procedure to follow.

Frame a paragraph that describes what it is you want done: The undersigned (residents, readers, pet lovers, women opposed to men with big bellies who do not wear shirts) urge you to (reconsider, negotiate, take the following action):

Create a form for supporters or like thinkers to sign. An Excel spreadsheet is probably best.
Include a place for:
1. A signature
2. A printed name
3. Address
4. Phone number
5. E-mail

Several Web sites offer additional advice:


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