Over the Rainbow Association

Over the Rainbow Association

2040 Brown Ave. Evanston,


Over the Rainbow Association is an Illinois not-for-profit association dedicated to providing independent living solutions and employment opportunites for individuals with physical disabilities. It was formed in 1974 by a group of Chicago area parents of children with physical disabilities. Some of these children had cerebral palsy, others had muscular dystrophy or were born with spinal cord injuries. All of these children needed a wheelchair for mobility and required some level of assistance to dress and feed themselves.

These parents were concerned about their children’s future. Where would their children live when they, as parents, were no longer able to care for them?

After visiting existing nursing homes and assisted living facilities, they came back disappointed and discouraged. None of them could imagine their young adult children living in one of these facilities. Together they became determined to develop a better solution: apartments where their children and others like them could live independently, sharing access to personal care attendants for daily personal care needs. They dreamed of a residence where their children could have the privacy of their own apartment while enjoying the sociability of living with others.


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