Nuestro Center of Family Service

Nuestro Center of Family Service

777 Central Ave.Ste. 17 Highland Park,

Family Service is a community organization with a customized approach to delivering proven, high quality counseling and education services to the family, regardless of socio-economic backgrounds.

Services We Provide

Individual, Couple and Family Therapy: Family Service listens to people in crisis, provides a safe, confidential environment for them to talk, while guiding them to finding creative solutions and healthier coping mechanisms. Clients range from children through the elderly.

In-Home Family Guidance: When it is deemed appropriate, a therapist will visit a client who is too mentally or physically frail to leave the home. Family Service staff help parents create healthy interactive patterns with children and/or their aging parents.

Community Education programs: Money management workshops, school based parenting workshops, caretaker burnout prevention workshops and stress management for adults who are out of work.

Senior Services: Family Service provides consultation and training to local senior centers and to individuals facing the unique challenges brought on by age. Counselors will assist family members, typically sons or daughters who are coping with their parent’s changing needs.

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