ORT America Metropolitan Chicago Region

ORT America Metropolitan Chicago Region

3701 Commercial Avenue, Suite 13 Northbrook, 60062

ORT America provides cutting edge training and strategic educational initiatives that empower 270,000 people annually in 62 countries to become productive citizens and lead their families and communities forward. This is a responsibility ORT America welcomes as part of its commitment to supporting Jewish values, strengthening Jewish identity and providing the educational opportunities that help people help themselves. ORT America educates individuals, impacts communities and improves the world.

Since 1880, ORT schools and programs have successfully educated and trained millions of people around the world. The mission that began over 130 years ago still continues to prepare students for the future, and offer them an opportunity to change their lives and impact their communities. ORT students are educated in a variety of fields including:

  • Science
  • Computer Technology
  • Robotics
  • Biotechnology
  • Graphic Design
  • Accounting
  • Jewish Studies
  • Pharmaceutical Studies
  • Environmental Sciences
  • and much more…

For many students, ORT training is their transition to a satisfying career. For the 300,000 students we serve annually in over 60 countries, annually, an ORT education makes all the difference.

What Makes an ORT Education Different?

ORT’s innovative courses represent practical technological advances in education that encourage students to explore the increasingly important fields in science and beyond of physics, robotics, nanotechnology, bioengineering and biochemistry. These signature programs produce students who surpass their peers at non-ORT schools worldwide. Internships and relationships with local and global businesses allow students to receive an enhanced educational experience that gives them access to the most advanced computer and information technology.

Educate and Elevate

Today, more students than ever are attending ORT schools, and ORT community expansion is in high-demand. ORT graduates fuel economies – obtaining and utilizing the skills that prepare them for the needs of the local job market. What these students gain is the ability to maximize their potential, regardless of their ability. ORT and the quality of an ORT education are two things which have remained a stable and reliable source of hope and limitless opportunity throughout societal change & turmoil. Due to the demand for ORT programs around the world, ORT continues to grow as it opens the doors of opportunity throughout the world. Whether secular or Jewish, ORT believes that education and technology is a path to self improvement.

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