Mothers Trust Foundation

Mothers Trust Foundation

400 E. Illinois Rd. Lake Forest, 60045

Mothers Trust Foundation is a non-profit organization supporting social service providers by offering assistance to children in need in Lake County, Illinois. We make benefits and opportunities available which cannot be obtained from other sources. Our goal is to assist children in trouble or crisis, raise awareness of children’s needs, link needs with community resources and provide opportunities for volunteers to be involved.

Clients come to Mothers Trust through requests made by social service professionals, school counselors, social workers, court workers, and other such trained individuals. It is through these relationships that clients can be vetted as to the extent and legitimacy of their needs, a function that is critical for MTF to operate responsibly. Every week throughout the year, the volunteer Mothers Trust Service Committee and staff meet to review grant applications. The criteria for receiving help are simple: the request must come from a qualified professional; the child (age 21 and under) must reside in Lake County and clearly benefit from the assistance; the needs cannot be met in full anywhere else; and the benefit request must be time-limited. We respond to service requests in a very timely manner (less than 7 days) and provide funding within 24 hours of granting assistance.  In 2011, $205,682 in grants were made to 3,117 Lake County children and their families.

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