Is Your Teen Ready to Be a Babysitter or Camp Counselor?

If your teen has the qualities that you would want in a babysitter – someone who is dependable, organized and punctual – then they may be a good candidate. Start them off with some training with an American Red Cross babysitting class. They’ll learn valuable skills and it will help them determine if caregiving is something that they really want to do. They will also learn how to start a babysitting business of their own and perform basic first aid skills.

Not Just for Girls

In the past, these Red Cross classes were primarily comprised of girls but more boys are now participating. Last year, nearly 10 percent of students enrolled in Red Cross babysitting courses were male. That number is expected to grow as boys realize they enjoy the extra money, fun and responsibility that come with these positions, and families increasingly begin to seek out and request active young men for these roles.

Boy or girl, both need to be trained to do the job well.

Take a Class

Visit the American Red Cross website or call 1-800-REDCROSS to find a class near you. Online and in-person options are available for youth ages 11 and older.

Download a Free Lifesaving App

Get the free American Red Cross First Aid app on your phone. It helped me decide quickly whether or not to take my son Owen to the hospital when, as a toddler, he touched a hot lightbulb (we went and he’s fine). Find them in your app store or online.

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