5 New Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without

At this time of year, the last person you are paying attention to is yourself, so we’re doing it for you. Here are 5 new products we think are a lot of fun—and functional:


Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo
It works. When in a rush and you don’t have time to wash your hair, this dry shampoo removes dirt and build up in your hair in seconds.

 Made of natural rice, oat and tapioca starches that clean hair by absorbing excess oil, product and grease. Tea tree oil helps reduce the occurrence of dandruff, and the lemon verbena fragrance leaves hair smelling wonderful.


Poo-Pourri Preventive Bathroom Odor Spray 4 oz
The bottle reads: “Spritz bowl before you go … and no one else will ever know.” Poo-Pourri is unlike most bathroom spray deodorizers that try to mask the smell after it is in the air; Poo-Pourri is designed to be sprayed directly onto the toilet bowl water before you go! Poo-Pourri toilet deodorizer is also environmentally friendly. It relies on essential oils to eliminate bathroom odors that make it safe for the environment as well. Now available for dogs: Poo-Pourri Pooch and as a soiled diaper odor eliminator: Poo-Pourri for Little Stinkers


3. Sticky Boobs
My daughter call it sticky boobs, Victoria’s Secret calls it an Invisible Demi bra. Either way it has Self-adhesive silicone cups and gives support without closures or straps. It is great for backless and strapless styles. Not to mention that it adds up to a full cup size. Comes with 2 reusable adhesive cups. Made of Imported polyurethane. Visit your local Victoria’s Secret to purchase!

Hollywood Fashion Tape Red Carpet Assortment 30 strips
It’s Hollywood Fashion Tape’s Red Carpet Assortment. The package consists of double-stick tape to hold clothing together and includes Trapezoid shapes (4 pieces) to keep the sides of strapless styles in place, Curves (6 pieces) for fronts of strapless styles, Wide strips (6 pieces) for heavier garments, Skinny strips (8 pieces) for shoe and spaghetti straps and Original strips (6 pieces) used mostly to hide bra straps. Try it–you’ll never be embarrassed by a “fashion malfunction” again.

Liquid Keratin 30 Day Straight-Smooth-Strong & Long Treatment Starter Kit 1 kit
30 Day Straight Smooth Strong & Long Treatment–for $69, Liquid Keratin is a healthy way to smoothes and straighten your hair. Adding keratin protein creates straighter, smoother, stronger, softer and overall, much more manageable hair.


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