2014 Gift Guide: Hostess Gifts

Sure, you could grab a bottle of wine (once again) on your way to the party. Or you could delight your host with one of these more memorable tokens of your affection. You’ll definitely be invited back next year! With broad appeal and affordable prices, these gifts are also ideal for friends (think book club […]

2014 Gift Guide: Foodie Gifts

The holidays are all about entertaining and spending time with family and friends. And all quality time includes eating, right? Here are some can’t-miss gifts for the food- and drink-obsessed. 1. American Spoon “Buy the Store”: I’ve long been a fan of this revered Michigan store and find it hard to decide what to buy. […]

2014 Gift Guide: Teen Gifts

Finding that perfect gift for your teen can be tough, but gift cards aren’t your only option. We guarantee one of these fresh ideas will connect with even the hardest-to-please teenager. 1. SamsSimpleDecor Prints: Your teen will love the prints available at this Chicago Etsy shop. They can show their local pride with a Chicago […]

2014 Gift Guide: Kid Gifts

Shopping for children can be fun and overwhelming. (How many new “it” toys can there be?) Here are our suggestions for cool gifts your little ones will love. 1. Gravity Maze™: The goal is to get a marble from one end of the board to another, but you’ll have to build a maze using colorful, translucent towers […]

2014 Gift Guide: Glitter Gifts

The holiday season is the time of year to express your appreciation for all that our mothers, wives, sisters and friends do to enrich our lives. Say thank you with a little something sparkly this year. 1. White-Gold Diamond, Sapphire and Tanzanite Pendant: Concentric circles of dazzling jewels, this 18-karat white-gold pendant is an extra-special […]