Theater Guide: Holiday Curtain Call

It wouldn’t be the holiday season without Scrooge, George Bailey and the Sugar Plum Fairies appearing on local stages. But November and December also bring other theatrical gifts, including some promising comedies and dramas that have nothing to do with Santa Claus. “You Can’t Take It With You“ Nov. 6 – Dec. 13 A huge […]

Drury Lane Theatre: “Oliver!”

Sometimes, it’s all about punctuation. To many, hinging a professional musical-theatrical production on the abilities of a bunch of children would be a huge question mark. Not to folks in Oakbrook Terrace. At least, not when they have director/choreographer extraordinaire Rachel Rockwell at the helm. Drury Lane’s current production of “Oliver!” doesn’t include an exclamation […]

Drury Lane Theatre: "Sunset Boulevard"

Drury Lane Theatre’s nearly flawless production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Sunset Boulevard” throws down the gauntlet to all other musicals in quest of 2013 Jeff Awards come October. This is West End-quality musical theater with merely a trek to the near west ‘burbs (Oakbrook Terrace) required to take it in. Director William Osetek’s stellar cast […]

Drury Lane Theatre: "Singin' in the Rain"

The perfect illustration of the art and science that is theatrical production is found in Drury Lane Theatre’s current presentation, “Singin’ in the Rain.” Art abounds in the show’s terrific dancing, professional vocals and instrumentation and stunning costumes and special effects. It doesn’t just rain on stage; it pours. But in the Oakbrook Terrace production’s […]

Drury Lane Theatre: "Xanadu"

One out of every 236 people living in 1980 still alive today yearns for a theatrical homage to the song and fashion stylings of that time, according to a study by the Department of Sociology at Nevada’s Cadwallader University. That doesn’t necessarily bode well for Drury Lane Theatre’s staging of “Xanadu.” Because this musical is […]

Heavyweight "Hairspray" a Brilliant Homage to Dick Clark

It’s hard to watch “the nicest kids in town” without reflecting on the iconic “American Bandstand’s” place in the nation’s history. And the death of Dick Clark just days before Drury Lane’s opening of the musical, “Hairspray,” makes it darn near impossible. That’s mostly a good thing. With introspection evident in the opening night crowd, […]

In Drury Lane’s “Gypsy,” Another Star is Born

With the White Sox, Cubs and Bears rebuilding, their general managers look to identify burgeoning youth capable of next-level stardom. Kenny Williams, Jed Hoyer and Phil Emery ought to be discussing talent evaluation strategy with Drury Lane Theatre’s executive team. And they’d best be taking notes. For its second consecutive show, the Oakbrook regional theater […]