7 Things Wealthy People Do to Stay Rich

Whether you’re content with your current financial situation — and want it to stay that way — or aiming to increase your wealth, learn the secrets that keep wealthy people on top, both financially and professionally. 1. Be Prepared It may be hard to grasp the fact that you’re putting money aside for 20, 30, […]

How Women Can Take Financial Responsibility

While many women have no problem cutting coupons or finding a great deal, they may lack interest in long-term financial planning. According to a 2012 Time Magazine report, “More than a third of American women are the family breadwinner, yet still tend to pass the buck on important money matters, such as investing and retirement.” […]

Do You Know Where Your Money Is?

The year 2008 was full of financial surprises—many of them not so good. The best way to get through these difficult times is to be organized and understand your personal financial situation.