What Parents Should Know About Giving Tweens a Phone

The number of kids with smartphones has increased dramatically. Parents considering getting their child a phone face many questions: What is the best age to give the child a phone? What kind of phone is best? What rules need to be established before giving the phone to the child? We tapped experts on technology and […]

How to Use "Do Not Disturb" on Your iPhone

Nothing is worse than hearing the Marimba ringtone jangle you awake at 4 a.m. — especially when it’s a wrong number. Use your iPhone’s “Do Not Disturb” mode for better sleep or just for some quiet time. What is Do Not Disturb mode? When you turn on DND, the iPhone holds calls, texts and alerts, […]

How to Sync Your iPhone Calendar

This video tip shows you how to setup your iPhone (or iPad), desktop and web calendars to sync so a change made to one appears on the others.   Part 3 of our 5-part series: How to Sync Your iPhone Calendar. Did you learn something new in that short, awesome video? Please share the love […]

PercyFX App for Movie Lovers: Better or Bust?

Here’s an app for movie fans, but is it a “Better” or “Bust” to use? The PercyFX app for Blackberry, iPhone and iPad lets you customize a favorite movie clip with personalized messages that interact with different scenes. Available movies range from recent blockbusters like “Bridesmaids” and “Despicable Me” to classics like “The Big Lebowski” […]

The 25 Best iPhone Apps

We’ve updated our list of the 25 must-have apps.   These are the ones we use again and again to save us money and time (or waste a little time and brain cells, if we’re being totally honest). We’ve also noted which apps also work on iPads. Let the downloads begin! Communication Just using your […]

The 16 Best Cooking Apps for Your iPhone or iPad

As the holidays approach, you might want to invite an extra, super-helpful guest into your kitchen: your iPad or iPhone! Every day, developers are cooking up new apps that let you get up close and personal with your favorite celebrity chef, or your favorite cookbook or food magazine—and these apps are time-saving, interactive, fun, informative […]