Mary Robinson, Ireland’s First Female President, Talks Climate Justice and 3 Ways You Can Live More Sustainably

Human rights champion Mary Robinson believes the climate crisis is humanity’s greatest challenge. More than leading a global fight against climate change, she’s raising the voices of the world’s most vulnerable people. The former and first female President of Ireland and United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has been recognized for shining a light […]

Visiting Ireland With Wee Ones

Traveling with kids is easy — said no parent ever. Even the most well behaved children can become (understandably) cranky when subject to the trials and tribulations of airlines, jetlag and unfamiliar cultures and cuisine. Disney has always been a foolproof family vacation option — guaranteed to bring joy to any child’s face. But how […]

Northlight Theatre: "Stones in His Pockets"

Ah, the Irish! Full of wit and humor, but somehow, sad at heart. Those qualities infused Northlight Theatre’s funny, poignant two-man show, “Stones in His Pockets.”   The stars, David Ivers and Brian Vaughn, portray two Irish fellows in their 30s, Jake and Charlie. Jake is just back from a few fruitless years in New […]