Quick and Easy: "Free Gift With Purchase"

Make It Better contributor Jackie Pilossoph is hosting a benefit for LUNGevity through the launch of her new book, “Free Gift With Purchase.” Now available on Amazon, “Free Gift With Purchase” features two opposite sisters who are forced to rely on one another when they are thrown back into the dating scene after marriage. Jackie’s […]

Can an Animal Communicator Help You Find Your Lost Pet?

While the Palkovics were on vacation in Florida, their dog Patch escaped from a relative’s yard.   When Susan and Joe Palkovic found out, they immediately sent out a mass email, posted the news on Facebook, called area kennels, and notified police. “I felt helpless,” says Susan, a Glenview mother of three boys. “I was […]

Do You Treat Your Dog Better Than Your Spouse?

“She’s so abusive!”  “He’s not attentive.”  “I don’t like the way she treats me.”  “He’s never around.”   These are some of the comments life counselor Robin Mitzen hears from married couples who are in therapy with her. Some of the things I hear from both men and women are so much worse, I can’t […]

Can Relationships Make Us Sick?

My heart was breaking, I couldn’t get through a day without tears and I was an emotional wreck.   That was 5 years ago, when my ex-husband and I were on the verge of divorce. But there were physical symptoms, too. I was nauseous all the time, I was experiencing frequent stomach pain, I had […]

It’s So Over, Girlfriend! 3 Ways Girls Dump Other Girls

What happens when your girlfriend dumps you? Endless tears brought on by grief… A mango-size pit in your stomach, aching from sadness… The desire to consume a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby in one sitting to fill the empty space in your heart… These symptoms are pretty typical when a romantic relationships ends, […]

Living Single on the North Shore

Still single and living on the North Shore?  Maybe you’re in the wrong lane! Just like driving on the Edens Spur with its construction these days, being single on the North Shore can get a little congested.  Here’s an example.  (I’ve changed the names, of course.) About two years ago, I was set up on […]

Meet The North Shore’s Own Carrie Bradshaw

She couldn’t have timed it better. Just as “Sex and the City 2” hit the screens, North Shore author Jackie Pilossoph’s first book, “Hook, Line and Sink Him,” hit bookstores. We recently caught up with Pilossoph to find out how this Chicagoan-turned–North-Shore-resident survived commitment-phobic men in the city and lived to write about it: I […]