Thodos Dance Chicago Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

Evanston native Melissa Thodos started her company, now known as Thodos Dance Chicago, with the dream of developing dancers in “a rounded way.” That meant not only providing opportunities for them to perform, but also to choreograph and teach—a hard-to-find trifecta in the dance world. As of this year, Thodos has helmed her own mid-sized, contemporary […]

Emerald City Delights With “Snow White"

The Brothers Grimm never imagined a story like this. Emerald City Theatre’s “Snow White as Performed by Professor TJ Barker’s Troupe of Theatricals” offers a unique twist on the well-known fairytale. Written and directed by the talented Ernie Nolan, the performance includes a play within a play that pays homage to vaudeville with its mix […]

Little Pennies with a Big Message

The teenagers from Beth El at North Shore Suburban Synagogue United Synagogue Youth, also know as BEANS USY, of Highland Park will participate in a ceremony this weekend that marks the end of a six year journey. Since 2005 they have been collecting pennies with the goal of reaching 1.5 million, to represent the number […]

Aida Steals the Show at the Lyric Opera

American soprano Sondra Radvanovsky eclipses everyone on the stage in the Lyric Opera’s production of Giuseppe Verdi’s “Aida.” And it’s not just the cobalt blue gown she wears. The production, rich in melody and splendor, recently opened at the Civic Opera House. Her voice is so strong, her shading so stunning and her emotion so […]

Quick and Easy: Prom Fit for a Princess

Finding the perfect prom dress is an important part of the high school experience. The Glass Slipper Project is helping make all girls feel like Cinderella on their big day.   The Glass Slipper Project is a non-profit organization that collects new and almost-new formal dresses and accessories for juniors and seniors in Chicago area […]

Northlight’s “Black Pearl” Sings, But Not Enough

A two-woman show with Chicago musical-theater favorites E. Faye Butler and Susie McMonagle should be a slam-dunk. And while this staging of the new show “Black Pearl Sings” at Skokie’s Northlight Theatre is worthwhile, its problem is that Black Pearl (Butler) doesn’t sing enough. And neither does her co-star. This is a play with several […]

Long Live Bar Toma!

One day last fall, a friend called and said, “Bistro 110 is closed!” It seemed improbable: while not the most exciting destination, it had been around for a long time and seemed reasonably crowded with Michigan Avenue shoppers. The food was solid, dependable bistro-style, but apparently it had run its course. Tony Mantuano, long time […]

Quick and Easy: A Valentine's Gift that Gives Back

Give a Valentine’s Day gift that benefits children in Kenya.   Acacia Creations is a fair trade company based in Nairobi, Kenya, that has been creating and selling handmade merchandise out of recycled materials since 2007. Their products range from jewelry made out of recycled glass and magazines to tableware made from recycled paper and […]

SNL Alum Tim Kazurinsky Joins Chicago Shakes for “Midsummer”

In his long career, Tim Kazurinsky has gone from advertising copywriter to “SNL” comedian to Shakespeare actor. From 1981 to 1984, this smiling, friendly man, who is raising his family in Evanston, was on national television, performing on “Saturday Night Live” with Eddie Murphy, Joe Piscopo and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. And starting February 7, he’ll portray […]

Warm Up With Crackling Yarns

It’s the middle of winter; a perfect time to sit back in a dark room and watch a good yarn. Head out to local theaters and warm up with some crackling good stories, and maybe even some songs. Northlight Theatre’s “Black Pearl Sings!” January 13-February 19 9501 Skokie Blvd., Skokie 847-673-6300 Northlight favorite E. Faye […]