5 Foods to Avoid and 5 Foods to Eat

We’ve long heard that there are no “bad” foods, but researchers at Harvard Medical School might not agree. For 20 years, they followed the diet and exercise habits of over 120,000 individuals, and they found that eating certain foods led to greater weight gain than other foods. The results were just published in The New […]

A BackStage Pass to the Arts, in Evanston

Looking to experience more culture, more arts? BackStage Evanston, on Sept. 18, provides a sneak peak to 17 different local performances. The unique experience will take place from 3:30-7 p.m. at the Ethel M. Barber Theater at Northwestern University. “We’ve got a lot of performing arts in Evanston,” says Penny Rotheiser, chair of the event […]

99 Days of Summer: August

Memorial Day through Labor Day—summer is here, and with just 99 days to enjoy warm weather on the North Shore, it’s time to get busy. Need some ideas? We’re going to offer up 33 a month, so you’ll never lack for a fresh option. Here’s what’s happening in August: Score some cotton candy at Northbrook […]

Darling Deerfield

Founded in 1903, Deerfield covers about 7 square miles, but in those 7 miles there’s something to please every interest. From kid-friendly restaurants and one-of-a-kind boutiques to an awesome basketball facility, you’ll never find yourself bored in this little town. Kevin’s Place You can’t beat the warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere at KP. Kevin, the […]

Thunder From Down Under

The Las Vegas hit show, Thunder From Down Under, has returned to the Windy City from June 24 to October 29. If the summer’s heat waves aren’t enough, throw in a night of Australian men with washboard abs and sexy moves and that should do the trick! This internationally acclaimed show is steaming up the […]

Former Fall Out Boy Frontman Patrick Stump Hits His Stride Going Solo

Patrick Stump, who will perform at Lollapalooza on Aug. 6, never dreamt of pop stardom, but passion and talent landed him there nonetheless. As his band, Fall Out Boy, rose out of the Chicago hardcore and punk scenes to success on a national scale, the spotlight landed square on Stump’s soulful voice. The Grammy-nominated group […]

Green Living This Summer

Here are just a few tips to go green this summer: Are you a gardener? Practice integrated pest management (IPM) to reduce unwanted pests by using natural predators and prevention techniques. Not only is IPM the most economical pest management option, but it poses the least hazard to people, property and the environment. Small changes […]

Fresh: A Resale Tale

You might make a buck getting rid of your unwanted designer labels and other upscale merchandise, with the help of Glencoe natives Brielle Buchberg and Lindsay Segal. In their business, Luxury Garage Sale, they come to your home, sort through, authenticate and consign your items through their eBay store or other outlets, such as auction […]