Ride the Rails: A Guide to Skateparks

If your child is a “skater,” and no, that’s not a pejorative, they can find plenty of places to ride on in Chicago’s northern suburbs. Unlike so many of our children’s passions that come with a hefty price tag and a stratifying system that forces them to play within a certain age group and skill […]

Goodman Show is Sinfully Good

“The Sins of Sor Juana”, a moving drama about a defiant nun and poet highlights the fifth biennial Latino Theatre Festival at the Goodman’s Albert Theatre. So what were her sins? Perhaps the secular poems this prolific 17th century Mexican woman wrote — though she remarked that the Bible’s “Song of Songs” contained far racier […]

Gulf Oil Cleanup: How You Can Help

You’ve seen the haunting pictures of oil covered birds and heard the tales of damage to fragile wetlands. Now you can help with the cleanup of the tragic BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico with out leaving the northern suburbs. The Northfield-based North Shore Senior Center is collecting specific materials from that are […]

Up, Up and Away: Learn to Fly a Kite in 3 Easy Steps

School’s out, camp’s finished…and who couldn’t use a hiatus from iPhones? Seems like it’s the perfect time to go fly a kite. Here are 3 tips to get yours safely off the ground. 1. Choose a location with lots of open space. West Ridge Park in Highland Park is a good option, as is Woodland […]

The Modern Pretzel

A dancer’s physique, which certainly looks good in a bathing suit, consists of strong abs and a beautifully lifted tushie. The legendary dancer and choreographer Martha Graham introduced this exercise as “The Pretzel.” It’s been updated to slim the waistline, tone the lower back and obliques, all while lifting the seat muscles. You might not […]

Art Therapy

When words can’t describe the pain or fear, try painting a picture. Art therapy helps patients and victims of all ages show their true feelings. “Art therapy is based on the premise that we think in images, although most communication is in words,” says Dr. Harriet Wadeson, head of the Art Therapy Certificate Program at […]

Fresh: Memory Keepers

Wilmette’s Defining Moments will thrill the scrappiest of scrapbookers as well as those who are clueless when it comes to crafts. Featuring high-end, unique materials (think clocks, tissue box holders and planners), the shop is available for girls’ nights out, parties, workshops and classes. Or, simply order a custom memento from owner Jocelyn Tobias of […]

5 Great Low-Tech Travel Gadgets

Last May the clever folks at Condé Nast Traveler shipped three adventurers to Moscow in the dead of winter for an unusual hotel and restaurant scavenger hunt. The twist? One brought an iPhone. The second a BlackBerry. And the third an old-fashioned guidebook. And guess who won? The Luddite with the old school map and […]

Make It Better Advertisers Strengthen the Community

Make It Better is proud to partner with businesses that give back to the community—often in extraordinary ways. Here are a few initiatives from our many philanthropic advertisers. Lewis Floor & Home Steven Lewis, owner of Lewis Floor & Home, has donated more than $100,000 to the Cancer Wellness Center in Northbrook, and a portion […]