70 is the new 50

They are shattering stereotypes, turning “senior” and “elder” into pejoratives and forcing their boomer and gen-x children and institutions to rethink strategies and programs.   “We’ve been saying that 60 is the new 40,” says Mary Futrell, Director of Lifelong Learning at the North Shore Senior Center. The center’s programs serve 23 northern suburbs. “It […]

Loss of a Spouse

It is one of the painful passages we all face, the loss of a parent or a spouse or a partner.   “You never really get over the grief,” says Dale LaPedus, a social worker and grief counselor at the North Shore Senior Center. “But you learn how to cope, how to bring joy back […]

Dog Owner Dos and Don'ts at the Park

Dog park etiquette is for the pet owner not the dog. It has nothing to do with whether the water bowl should be on the right or the left.   It is about sharing the experience with other pet owners and protecting your pet. Chicago’s north suburbs are well populated with both dog parks and […]

Bugling Barber Honors Military

In honor of Veterans Day, we’re highlighting a special article from earlier this year. Please take a moment to read it and remember to offer thanks to the veterans in your life. … Memorial Day—the last Monday in May—is another day when Winnetka’s bugling barber sounds his mournful notes in remembrance of America’s war dead. […]

From Suburbs to City—Go Canoeing

The time to celebrate outdoors is here, and the northern suburbs offer an amazing opportunity to explore nature and escape from city in a canoe or a kayak.   Here are some places where you can float your own boat or rent a craft to paddle for an hour or a day. Watch the turtles […]

Stopping the Abuse: Crimes against the Elderly Are a Silent Epidemic

Elder abuse is a horrific, little-discussed, heartbreaking crime that is all around us. Its potential victims are your parents and someday, perhaps, you.   A U.S. Senate committee estimates there are an astounding 5 million victims of various forms of elder abuse every year, while another government study suggests as many an 84 percent of […]

Plants and Pets can be a Toxic Combination

Easter, Passover and Mother’s Day bouquets and floral arrangements could make your cats and dogs sick.   Don’t fret, protect. Here are some plants veterinarians and animal care groups recommend you keep away from your pets: Flowers in the lily family of plants including Easter Lilies, Tiger Lilies, Calla Lilies and Tulips are particularly poisonous […]

Vacation Homes for Dogs

Kennels and Boarding Facilities in Chicago’s Northern Suburbs   Even if you don’t own a boarder collie you have to board the collie when you head out for spring break, summer vacation or next winter’s family get-away. If you don’t want to end up in the doghouse, here are some questions you should ask, and […]

Leprechaun Traps: Can you catch the luck of the Irish?

Catching a Leprechaun is never easy.   But they do leave signs of their visits behind: The toilet water is green Gold covered chocolate coins often drop from their pocket They hide green jellybeans all over the house. Still, catching one is a little tricky. They are as elusive as the Tooth Fairy and as […]

Avoiding Scams: Protecting Your Parents

If you or your parents are over 60, watch out—scam artists are lurking.   Like Little Red Riding Hood’s wolf “friend” they are disguised, hiding in direct mail solicitations, telemarketing calls, Internet messages and even infomercials. They want confidential information about bank accounts, credit cards and mortgages. They are selling worthless cures for diseases and […]