5 Fashion Tips to Always Be In Style

Women with a confident sense of style inspire envy in the rest of us. But it’s not as hard as you might think to look pulled together no matter what the occasion. Here are 5 rules that fashionable dressers adhere to, whether they’re going to their kid’s soccer game or a downtown soiree. 1. Always […]

5 Spring Style Updates

Out with the dark, in with the light. It’s time to replace those heavy, dark clothes with something fresh and new.   Here are five winter mainstays and their spring replacements.     1. If you’ve been wearing pencil skirts, replace them with full skirts. Fuller skirts are trending for spring. Pair them with pointy-toed […]

Should You Find Out Your Child’s Myers-Briggs Type?

If you give your kids a personality test, are you acquiring an invaluable tool that will help you parent better, or encouraging stereotypes and labeling? I asked myself that question recently when one of my favorite bloggers, career expert Penelope Trunk, wrote a post about knowing your child’s Myers-Briggs type. Trunk is a fan of […]

Make Over Your Closet: "One In, One Out"

  You reach for that fitted blazer that no longer buttons, ready to purge it from your closet, and a little voice in your head says, “You might need this someday.” When you (fill in blank: lose 10 pounds, go back to corporate America, etc.) that blazer might be just what you need. And full […]

How to Get Fitter, Richer and Greener in One Simple Step

I’ve got a two-wheeled miracle product to sell you. Use as directed and you will lose weight, save money and protect the environment. The bicycle, dubbed “the most demographic invention ever made,” by actor Matthew Modine, is indeed miraculous when you see it through his eyes. Modine, whose resume includes Birdy, Vision Quest, Full Metal Jacket, Married […]

Like Angels on Wings’: The Chicago Lighthouse

The year was 1997. Sally Higginson and Betsy Brint, the “former Schwartz sisters” of Highland Park, as many refer to them, were celebrating Mother’s Day with their families. With lots of small children and distracted mothers, the only one paying attention to the eight-week-old baby in a carseat was the bachelor brother. “Hey, when do […]

Alain Locke Charter School Models Excellence for Charter Schools Nationwide

Alain Locke Charter School, located in the Garfield Park neighborhood of Chicago, is one of America’s most successful charter schools. “In ten years, we’ve moved students from 12 percent to 91 percent on state testing,” says Vice President Eileen Mullin-Gasteier of the Alain Locke Initiative, which comprises the school, Inner-City Teaching Corps and The Ryan […]

Giving Gets Direct: Benevolent.net

We all hit snags in life. Your car won’t start. Your child starts school and needs uniforms and school supplies. Most of us have some sort of financial safety net. But when you’re a working single mom with two young children and you can’t pay for your bus pass, well, that could derail you. Seeing […]