Better Makers: The Cove School for Children with Learning Disabilities Raises More Than $630,000 at Benefit

Founded in 1947, The Cove School in Northbrook is a K-12 school that “provides highly individualized education and life strategies for children with learning disabilities.” Cove was the first school in the country founded to exclusively serve children with learning disabilities. On Feb. 23, 500 parents, alumni, faculty, and guests celebrated the school and raised […]

Why is My Intelligent and Hardworking Child Struggling in School?

Some children just don’t seem to fit the mold at school. These kids are often very bright, or even gifted, but still struggle. Many are extremely hard workers, putting hours into studying and homework every night. Often, these students do well in school before high school. In high school, however, tests, quizzes and finals become […]

Pets & Autism

When a child hurts, a parent will do anything to help him. Thus, when Rupert Isaacson found out his son Rowan was autistic in 2004, it was a momentous year. Not only because he discovered the source of his son’s tantrums and non-communication, but also because Rowan met Betsy. A horse. When child and horse […]