Lingerie That's Sexy and Functional

When it comes to lingerie, looks aren’t everything; as the base layer for all that we wear, these garments need to perform. Here’s a collection of new multi-functional intimates that shape, blend and follow the trends.  La Perla Floralia Bodysuit No need to slip into something more comfortable when you wear this gorgeous ribbed bodysuit […]

5 Exercises to Give You Strong, Shapely Arms

Now that the weather is finally warming up, it’s time to shed the sweaters and pull out the tank tops. Shapely arms are all the rage. Get your arms strong and ready for summer’s skin baring fashion. Armie Zabat, ACE Personal Trainer at Michigan Shores Club, offers these easy, effective exercises that can be done […]

All Day Yoga Clothes

We’re all multi-taskers these days, and our workout clothes are no exception. Going straight from yoga class to the rest of the day’s activities is de rigueur for many of us, and sometimes our style suffers. Here are some ideas for cute, easy outfits that don’t require a quick change: Simply throw these on over […]

What Not to Wear

We’ve all had those days. You wake up. Get dressed. Convince yourself that what you have on is good enough.   And while most days this is true, there are those moments when we just get it wrong. In our first ever Make It Better What Not to Wear feature, we’ll show you how to […]

Meet Me in the Mid-Life Crisis Aisle

Cigarette boat? Maserati? Such a male mid-life crisis cliché and so not us. But we’re a little clichéd too.   We sent our crack team of amateur sociologists—qualifications include obsessive reading of grocery store tabloids—out and about on the North Shore to identify some different manifestations of the female “mid-life crisis.” Here are a few […]