Magnolia Bakery’s Peppermint Icebox Cake

This is one time you’ll really want to eat a cold dessert in the winter. Magnolia Bakery shared this recipe for the ultimate holiday cake that’s guaranteed to be a hit at every shindig this season. It’s the perfect dessert for a party or baking day when you’re looking to stay indoors. It might look tricky, […]

Better or Bust: Magnolia Bakery’s Holiday Desserts

“Sex and the City” was right—these desserts are good! We recently tasted a number of Magnolia Bakery’s holiday offerings and were delighted with them (they get a rating of “better”). We particularly loved the red velvet mini-cheesecakes with a chocolate cookie crust ($6.50 each, over-the-top rich and generally to-die-for), the “famous” banana pudding—a stunner, totally […]