Vegetable Love-Start an Organic Kitchen Garden in Five Easy Steps

Repeat after us: This will be the year that you start an organic garden. Need an incentive other than the nice weather? How about your kids’ health? Researchers at Saint Louis University Preschool found that children eat more fruits and vegetables when the produce is homegrown. Don’t get scared off by the word organic. “Organic […]

Dressing Up an Empty Nest

Becoming an empty nester can be bittersweet, but when it comes to decorating, the empty nest is full of possibilities. This traditional-style home in Lake Forest was built in the 1980s on a curving subdivision road near the Onwentsia Club. Entering the home, everything appears beautifully staged: Piles of art books are stacked on coffee […]

May 2010: "I Didn't Know That!"

How well do you know the North Shore? There’s a lot of hidden history here that might surprise you even if you’re a lifelong North Shore dweller. For example, Lake Michigan mariners in distress off the North Shore once relied on a squad of specially trained Northwestern University students to rescue them. The lifesaving station […]

Amazing Kids - Jeffrey Brown

At 6-foot-3, 270 pounds, with a smile that lights up an entire arena, Jeffrey Brown is a State Champion, Honor Roll student and human teddy bear. In February, he won the State Heavyweight Wrestling Championship.