Paul Corona: Opera Singer, Elk Grove Village

Paul Corona leads what he calls “the pampered life” of a successful opera singer.   Since graduating from Northwestern in 2006, he has performed in numerous operas with the Lyric, jet-setted to New York and Santa Fe to perform, and won several awards. This fall, the happy-go-lucky bass-baritone makes his debut at the Metropolitan Opera […]

LeAnita Ragland-Brooks: Jewelry Designer, Winnetka

When fifth generation artist LeAnita Ragland-Brooks creates a work of art and sells it—even though she knows it will be worn and appreciated—she has trouble letting go.   “There’s a little separation anxiety,” she says with a laugh. “It’s like a child. It’s a piece of me going out into the world.” But when a […]

Susie McMonagle: Actor, Evanston

“Theater is a living, moving art,” says Susie McMonagle, the Evanston actress who is starring in the Chicago production of “Billy Elliot.”   “It’s a collaborative work of art; that’s what I love about it,” she says. And the theater loves McMonagle right back. She is “Mum” in “Billy Elliot,” which is a great tear-jerker […]