Party Decorations: Use What You Already Have

If you’re like me and made a pact not to acquire any more tchocthkes, here’s inspiration to stop buying and start using what you already have this summer.   Sharing the tricks of their trade, prop stylist Hilary Ashlund, and Stephanie Cook, a party planner from Lake Forest with SPC Events, give us the will […]

Kids Who Make A Difference: Mason Isaac

Like all kids, Mason Isaac loves presents, but the kind of gifts that get him jumping up and down aren’t little plastic toys or electronic gadgets. Mason gets excited by envelopes with donations to save the polar bears or build a school in Afghanistan. “I have plenty of toys,” he says. So since his second […]

4 Better Parties

’Tis the season of the party. But what kind should you throw? Here’s our Better guide to hosting the perfect party—one you’ll enjoy as much as your guests. Our secret? Know what you want to wear and go from there. We’ve got menu ideas, decor hints and even caterers who can make you feel like […]

Hosting a Carb Fest for High Schoolers

Carbohydrate loading is a practice used by endurance athletes to maximize the storage of glycogen in the muscles. And for high school athletes, it’s a great excuse for a team-bonding party.   If you are new to hosting a carbo party there are a few “how to’s” you’ll need to know. 1. Paper Goods and […]

Frugal Fashionistas Unite: Throw a Black Tie Swap Party’s Susan Noyes was at a cocktail party when her friend Mary Perlman suggested that they gather all the women they know and swap the dresses, shoes and accessories that they’ve worn to various balls and fundraisers—outfits they would likely never wear again.   I mean, where else can you find a ball gown to […]

Halloween For Adults

Halloween should be for the adults, too. From large parties, to quiet get-togethers, grown-ups are crafting their own Halloween traditions. Read on for ideas… Feeling Low-key? Take a cue from’s Family Editor, Catherine Rocca, who held a pumpkin carving party one Halloween. “We supplied the pumpkins and carving tools, and everyone carved one. Then […]