Bike Safety: Getting Your Kids to Wear Helmets

It was Bike to School Day at Wilmette’s Highcrest Middle School and the bike racks were overflowing.   So were the helmets, in the hands of about 450 riders emerging at dismissal. Students wearing helmets got treats, explains Cathy Albrecht, civics and safety committee chair for Wilmette Village-wide PTO and Highcrest PTO, who helped coordinate […]

Packing Waste Free Lunches for Kids

I’m policing a cafeteria recycling bin, directing students like a traffic cop: “That goes in the garbage; remove that straw and put the milk carton in here; dump the mac-n-cheese before you toss the container in the blue bin.”   Welcome to Trash-Free Friday. That’s when North Shore students and nationwide are challenged to eliminate […]

How to Grow a School Garden

Two weeks ago, students returned to their St. Joseph School in Wilmette to find the playground transformed.   Ten-foot sunflowers lined a chain-link fence, while winged gourd vines and trombetta squash plants carpeted the ground. Heirloom beans, herbs, Swiss chard and zucchini plants overflowed from the raised beds set in a series of 6-foot farm […]