Where to Get the Best Ramen in the Bay Area

The deceptively simple character of ramen — broth and noodles — hides complexity in technique and chef secrets in equal measure: Good ramen is easy; great ramen is hard. We talked with a few chefs to find out what makes their ramen special. North Bay  Uchiwa Ramen Marin’s OG ramen house has been slinging tonkatsu […]

Ramen on the North Shore: Table to Stix Ramen in Evanston

It’s an unprepossessing location sandwiched between the bustling Gigio’s Pizza and a sadly empty Asian Express, but the small new storefront that is Table to Stix Ramen on Evanston’s Davis Street is poised to make a big impact. It’s the first true ramen restaurant on the North Shore (you can find a few farther afield […]

New in Town: Furious Spoon is Chicago's One Stop Ramen Shop

Chef Shin Thompson is all about flavor at his new fast-casual concept, Furious Spoon. The ramen noodles are made fresh on site and they are tasty and toothsome. Choose from four terrific ramen soups (veggie, shoyu, miso or spicy “furious”), add toppings (poached egg and marinated mushrooms are musts, not to mention the pork belly), […]

Chicago’s Best Ramen

Chicken noodle soup may be the quintessential American comfort food, but as more chefs are embracing Asian flavors and techniques, the rise of ramen is indicative of an increasingly adventurous casual diner. Even in a simple meal out, guests are more open to unfamiliar flavors and the rich, unctuous ramen broth has become so ubiquitous […]