Guide to Aging Well 2015

A Stanford University psychologist named Kelly McGonigal gave a memorable 2013 TED Talk about stress and how it’s been proven to be harmful to health—but only when the stress-sufferer believes that stress is harmful to health. She referenced a study of 30,000 adults who were asked to report their stress levels and to share if […]

The Best Nontraditional Places to Retire

Forget everything you believe about the best places to retire. It’s not all about the weather, so put aside your dreams of Florida and Arizona. Besides, who wants to retire completely? Today’s older adults want to stay healthy, active and engaged in life. Consider this: In 2012, the Milken Institute funded a research study to […]

Why Long-Term Care Insurance Is Hot (Yes, HOT!)

We spend time and money every month to look and feel our best. Hair color, facials, new make-up, “premium” denim, yoga, pilates, gym memberships, marathon training … you get the picture. All this is done to contribute to our well being, our physical and mental state, our confidence.   And confidence, to me, is hot. […]