Deep Dish Food News: September 30

Just as the fall is a harbinger for new fashion trends, so is it a time for brand-spanking new restaurants. There’s a lot of news to share: restaurant openings (and closings – sob!), singular food and wine dinners, and special events. Get your stomachs – and wallets – ready. Hot New Restaurants “Top Chef” fan […]

A Chef's Healthy Menu

If you think there’s temptation in your kitchen, imagine being Sarah Stegner, chef of Prairie Grass Café and Prairie Fire. She works around delicious food all day (click here for a recipe), and tasting her creations is a key part of her job description. So it’s no wonder the James Beard Award-winning chef came up […]

Chef Sarah Stegner is on Fire with Prairie Fire

Renowned chef Sarah Stegner, co-owner of Prairie Grass Café in Northbrook, gives new meaning to the term down-to-earth. No matter how many accomplishments and accolades she racks up—two James Beard awards, running a thriving restaurant in a recession and even opening a new one, for starters—this mom and Evanston native just keeps quietly doing what […]

Kitchen Tools: Local Chefs Tell You What To Stash And Trash

So you’re ready to trade in that ancient hand mixer or rusted potato peeler for some cool, new-age gear. But when you get to the cooking store, the never-ending options make you feel totally scrambled. Between woks, silicone egg poachers, wine decanters and ergonomic mixing bowls, there’s a hyper-specialized gadget for doing just about everything […]