Connecting With a Group Can Take You From Surviving to Thriving — But You Need to Do These 4 Things First

A year after Christine Porath, Ph.D. pitched a book about the power building connections with other people has to cure loneliness and isolation, an unexpected plot-twist occurred: the pandemic hit and people were forced to isolate and became lonely. Porath included. She wrote a majority of that book, “Mastering Community: The Surprising Ways Coming Together […]

5 Science-Backed Tips to Get the Most Out of a Bath

When you’re trying to get out the door, a quick shower is in order. But if you’ve got a little down time, and are in need of some at-home relaxation, just about every self-care checklist recommends taking a bath—and for good reason. Baths come with a whole lot of mental and physical health benefits, everything […]

2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Luxurious Gifts for a Cozy Holiday Season

It’s been a tough year — so indulge your loved ones (or yourself!). Here are 10 gifts that will help anyone feel pampered, relaxed and cozy this holiday season. Season on Intention Gift SetEquilibria This is the ultimate self-care gift from Chicago’s most chic CBD wellness brand, Equlibria. The limited edition set includes the Mindful […]