Bistronomic: Perfect Stop on the Mag Mile

Bistronomic is the new restaurant by Chef Martial Noguier, of Café des Architects and one sixty blue fame. It’s a modern space with comfortable chairs, dark wood tables and booths and, at peak times, a challenging noise level. It’s also contemporary bistro food, unfussy and mighty tasty. Share it or hoard it for yourself, there […]

Lighting: Putting the Spotlight on Good Design

If you think lighting a space well is as simple as plugging in a lamp, think again. Like any design element, careful thought and planning—along with knowing your options—can make the difference between a sterile space and one that offers the perfect marriage of functionality and aesthetics. We consulted with two industry experts, Tim Archibald, […]

Goodman’s “Red” is a Vehement Portrait of an Artist

“I am here to stop your heart, do you understand?!” Mark Rothko thunders. “To make you think. I am not here to paint pretty pictures.” Goodman Theatre’s season opener, “Red,” a Tony Award winner by playwright John Logan, is full of these great, dramatic lines that cut to the heart of why an artist creates. […]

Fresh: Fit Girl Studio in Evanston

Wish all your favorite exercise classes were available under one roof? So did Oak Brook native Michelle Pretekin—she recently opened Fit Girl Studio in Evanston, offering a variety of one-hour classes in spinning, yoga and the oh-so-hot-right-now barre. So, if you love those three, it’s a one-stop shop, and an easy way to enjoy a […]

Online Reputation Management: What You Need to Know

You’ve decided to try a new hair stylist: what’s the first thing you’re likely to do? Google the stylist’s name, of course. In the world of social media, everyone – from independent contractors to multi-national corporations— needs to pay attention to his or her business’ online reputation. With the plethora of review sites— including Yelp, […]

Toy Clutter: One Mom Regains Control

I knew the clutter of toys around my house had become too much when I started to feel as though the only time I spoke to my children was to tell them to pick up their toys. I was unhappy with the mess. They were unhappy because their mother was always annoyed. No one was […]

Quick and Easy: The Lake Forest Shop’s Shop Your Cause

Make your fall wardrobe revitalization count by shopping at The Lake Forest Shop. Benefit one of 11 participating organizations with your purchase from the famed clothier. What: For the past 10 years, The Lake Forest Shop has celebrated and supported local nonprofit groups with a community partnership through the Shop Your Cause event. Ten percent […]

Phone Hacking: 7 Tips to Protect Yourself

You might not have nude photos stored on your phone, but you do have banking info, access to your email and Facebook pages, and maybe a few photos that you wouldn’t share with the world. Keep your private info safe with these steps courtesy of Don BeBolt, director of Threat Research for Total Defense, an […]

Gluten-Free Restaurants on the North Shore

If you’ve got Celiac disease or other gluten allergy, eating out can be risky. You might try a dish that seems safe, and then suddenly your body will tell you otherwise. To help you out, we’ve compiled some North Shore dining establishments that offer a gluten-free gastronomic experience. Enjoy! Francesca’s Put pasta back in your […]

Tricks of the Trade: The Master Bath

How many of us really love our master bath? We asked three design experts for their advice on how to make the master bath the tranquil, functional and fabulous space you deserve it to be. As with any scenario, there’s the dream and then reality. If you’re lucky enough to redo your master bath, here […]