Super Bowl Chic: What to Wear on Game Day

Ladies, whether you’re a diehard NFL fan or pay more attention to the halftime show than the game, you’ll look sporty AND chic in these Super Bowl fashions. Just in time for Super Bowl Sunday, here are some of our favorite sportswear looks. The Junk Food line has an enormous selection of fitted sweatpants, graphic tees, […]

Super Bowl Snacks: Chicken & Waffle Sliders!

Because Super Bowl is an all day affair, why not incorporate some brunch friendly foods into your spread? The perfect mix of savory and sweet, these Gourmet Chicken & Waffle sliders are the perfect addition to your Super Bowl party! For Chicken: 10 chicken tenders, each cut into 3 or 4 pieces 2 cups buttermilk […]

Love for Life: Meredith and Jon Sinclair

Their story could be an American fairytale.   Blonde, perky cheerleader meets tall, handsome basketball player at a small-town high school in Pennsylvania. They fall in love and live happily ever after. They have two children, Truman and Max, and have been married for 20 years. When they first got married, Jon explains, “We moved […]

Super Bowl Meatballs

It’s almost Super Bowl time. So if you’ll be in front of your TV with friends from the New York or New England area, think about serving something other than wings and pizza (yawn!). Meatballs are a hot foodie trend right now. There are restaurants, cookbooks, websites—all in homage to the humble meatball. Here’s the […]

Fresh: Super Bowl Chili Bowl

In a hurry to put together a Super Bowl feast? Let Bob and Sue Sagerstrom of Park Ridge help you out, with their addictive beef or veggie chili. Bob, a Park Ridge native, and Sue, a Glenview native, have been married for 25 years; many of them spent developing their chili recipe. And Bob knows […]

A Super Bowl Playlist

Since most football players are beasts, we had fun using animal band names in this list—a trend in the music industry!   SUPER BOWL Let the Rumpus Begin 1.    Laredo by Band of Horses 2.    Location by Freelance Whales 3.    Cannibal Queen by Miniature Tigers 4.    8 4 8 by Young Mammals 5.    Coronado by […]

Super Bowl Bingo

Looking for a way to keep your kids happy and engaged while you enjoy the Super Bowl?   Try playing Super Bowl Bingo—a new twist on the classic game. To play: Print out the Super Bowl Bingo boards, which you can download here: Give each player a board and a handful of pennies or popcorn […]

Tweet These Gals to Dallas

Two North Shore moms are on their way to Dallas for the Super Bowl, but not by plane or train—by tweet! Jennie Marshall and Meredith Sinclair are contestants in the Mercedes Benz Tweet Race. The team—hashtag #MBteamGL—will be driving in an actual Mercedes Benz SUV. They leave Chicago on Wednesday, February 2 headed toward Dallas […]

Football 101: A Few Tips to Enjoy the Game

As the Super Bowl approaches, even those who are not big fans of football get sucked into the excitement. Here’s a beginner’s guide to football so anyone can enjoy watching the game! Time: A football game is made up of four 15-minute quarters, with a break in play at halftime. How the game starts: Teams […]

Chicago Bears NFC Championship Survival Guide

Are you ready to root for the Chicago Bears? Or are you a closet Cheesehead? Rev up for the weekend and the Big Game with these great resources: Where to get the munchies Make a brat stop The best beer Learn the rules Party supplies