Pets and the Holidays– Tips from Winnetka Animal Hospital

The doctors and staff at Winnetka Animal Hospital want your family–animal and human–to enjoy a very happy and safe holiday season. To make that happen, we’re pointing out several pet-related holiday and winter hazards.   For more detailed information on pet safety during the holidays, visit our web site. Emergency concerns? Please contact our office […]

Emergency Preparedness for Pets

With recent national disasters—tornadoes, tropical storms and blizzards—it’s important to review your emergency plan and make sure it includes your pets.   Living in the Midwest, winter storms may confine us to our homes, and confinement during adverse weather requires preparation. Protect your pets with these simple steps: 1. All pets should have a collar […]

Keep Pets Safe This Holiday Season

The smells of Holiday treats fill your home and everyone’s mouth begins to water … including your pets!     This time of year brings out the counter surfing talents of dogs and cats. Here are some food items to be aware of: High fat foods Meat, gravy, butter, and desserts may cause pancreatitis (inflammation […]

Warm Weather Travel for Pets

Summer fun includes vacations and trips, and our pets, as family members, oftentimes want to get in on the fun!   Consider your pet’s age, temperament and health before deciding to travel with them. Pets should be up to date on all vaccines and have current identification tags. Consider microchipping your pet if he/she isn’t […]

Protecting your Pets from Pests this Summer

We have been blessed with an unseasonably warm winter this year. However, because of the warmer winter, we are seeing more of those pesky parasites that affect our pets this spring. These include heartworm disease, fleas, ticks and intestinal parasites. Heartworm disease is transmitted by mosquitoes and can be fatal if untreated. However, it is […]

Cats, Toxoplasmosis, and You

Recently, there has been misinformation regarding an infection called Toxoplasmosis and its risks.   Rumored risks include danger to cat owners who are expecting, want to become pregnant, or are immunocompromised.Toxoplasmosis can infect both cats and people, and in people can cause affects on the fetus. There are several steps that can be taken to make […]

The Benefits of Canine Hydrotherapy

If your pooch is recuperating from surgery or struggling to lose weight, you may want to dog paddle your way to a canine hydrotherapy center. There are many benefits to canine hydrotherapy, or low-impact, warm water swimming but the main goal is to strengthen the muscles and joints of a dog, says Dr. Katherine Hillebrand, […]

Pet Health Tips for Fall

As we move into fall and cooler weather, do not forget to continue to protect your pets against fleas, ticks and heartworm disease.   Fleas and ticks can be most active in September and October, because they are laying eggs and seeking hosts to carry them through the winter. Fleas carry diseases such as Cat […]

Outdoor Tips for Pets

Summertime equals enjoying time outside, and our pets enjoy the outdoors as much as we do!   We are lucky to have several dog parks and beaches available for our dogs’ enjoyment; however, there are several precautions to keep in mind when utilizing these areas. Given the recent storms and heavy rains, contamination of the […]

Plants and Pets

As we landscape our yards in this summer weather, it is important to consider our pets.   If you are using mulch, be careful in your selection. Landscapers are frequently drawn to cocoa mulch because it smells nice and is environmental friendly, however this product can be toxic to pets. Cocoa mulch is the material […]