Brunch at Union: Reason to Celebrate

Union Pizzeria has started serving Sunday Brunch from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. I stopped in for the inaugural service and I’ve got to tell you—it was worth the wait.

Chef Vince DiBattista has put an Italian spin on “the weekend middle meal,” that perfect combination of breakfast and lunch. Yes, the famous pizzas are available, and they’re working on perfecting a breakfast version for Sunday mornings.

But meanwhile, you can order the perfectly tender Scones ($3) or Walnut Crème Fraiche Cake ($3) to accompany your Omelet of the Day ($10) or Breakfast Sandwich ($9), a crusty ciabatta roll stuffed with fried egg, ham, Gruyere cheese and caramelized onions and served with mixed greens.

OMG French Toast

Someone at the table must order the delectable French Toast ($9), impossibly custardy Tuscan bread served with a maple mascarpone cream; the carb lover will head straight for the excellent Pasta Carbonara ($13) and the gluten-conscious might opt for the Grilled Salmon ($16) served with a sprightly grapefruit and watercress salad. Add protein with a side of Neuske’s Bacon ($4), three smoky strips of pig perfection.

Wash it all down with an Italian Mary ($9), a 17-ounce mug of garlicky vodka goodness garnished with an antipasto skewer, or maybe the fizzy Pear & Cranberry Bellini ($8). The Metropolis decaf, served in a French press, was strong and hot.

Belly Up to the Bar… After Noon

And while Evanston is no longer dry (thank goodness!), the local law still dictates that you have to wait until noon on Sundays to order anything spiked. So if you get there early, you might be forced to linger after brunch to partake. Don’t worry. There’s plenty to eat while you’re waiting!

Union Pizza
1245 Chicago Ave., Evanston

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