Siri Thai

Walking into Siri Thai feels like traveling to Bangkok; the décor is filled with colorful and traditional decorations.

Lake Zurich Mayor Suzanne Branding took me to lunch there on a hot, summer day. It’s visually stimulating, but cool, interior was a welcome respite.

A velvety chicken & rice soup and pork eggroll started our meals. The Mayor raved about her Hot Chili Garlic Chicken with eggplant, mixed vegetables, bamboo shoots, onion, sweet basil and carrots stir-fried with more than a touch of red chili flakes.

My cashew chicken was not spicy, but well matched with the pineapple, bell pepper, onion, tomatoes and water chestnuts in an oyster sauce. The ingredients tasted quite fresh.

The tea served in elegant, individual teapots was an authentic finishing touch.

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