6 New Books That Will Help You Escape From Reality Right Now

The news of the COVID-19 virus is constantly evolving and in this uncertain time, a good book can be the perfect escape. When social distancing is in place, engaging with characters can make you feel less alone. Check out a collection of new releases, from lighthearted dramas to humorous essays that will help ease the stress of life during the pandemic.

In Five Years by Rebecca Serle

In Five Years Rebecca Serle

After facing a job interview and becoming engaged to her boyfriend, Dannie Cohen
feels more confident than ever that her life is on the right track. With dreams of her
five-year plan on her mind, she falls asleep only to wake up in a different time, five
years later and a world away from what she thought her life would look like. Shaken
from her visit to the future, she can’t help but second-guess her idea of success.
Dannie navigates her life through a series of choices, realizing the importance of
friendship, experiencing heartbreak, joy and love. Engaging characters and unexpected
twists make this novel much more than a love story, proving that sometimes, even
the best-laid plans are meant to be broken.

Order online from Women & Children First in Andersonville for curbside pick-up.

Oona Out of Order by Margarita Montimore

In a clever take on time travel, each year, Oona Lockhart finds herself turning a
different age, leaping to a random year in her life. Navigating through time, she
struggles to make sense of her life, to put together the pieces. Bouncing through
time, she works to recognize the importance of enduring relationships, love and
strength through the inventible highs and lows of life. With rich detail, humor and
engaging characters, Oona’s story strengthens the importance of living in the

Order from Booked Evanston for same day pick-up, or with free delivery (Evanston, Wilmette, Skokie or Rogers Park).

Separation Anxiety by Laura Zigman

Judy’s life, like so many things she had planned, has not turned out how she
expected. A happy marriage, thriving career, attentive children — all of those life
achievements that define success are crumbling around her. In the midst of coping
with her strained marriage, teenage son and sick best friend, she finds unexpected
comfort in carrying her dog with her in an old baby sling, which quickly ignites
complaints from her family. Compelled by the need to move forward, Judy begins to
look at her life, her relationships and the choices she made to get where she is today.
Written with delightful, quirky humor, readers will relate to Judy’s thoughts and
actions as she struggles to adapt to a new phase of life.

Order online from The Book Cellar in Roscoe Village.

Wow, No Thank You. Essays by Samantha Irby

In a fresh collection of essays, Samantha Irby speaks to the universal thoughts we all
seem to have while navigating life. From small annoyances to major changes and
growth, Irby doesn’t hold back in sharing her hilarious take on life in her 40s.
Having left Chicago for the Midwest suburbs, she adjusts to settling down with her
wife and two step-children. Juggling book clubs, paying bills, evolving skincare
routines and making new friends, her experiences are painfully relatable, gritty,
honest and undeniably hilarious.

Order for delivery or pick-up from Unabridged Bookstore.

Nobody Will Tell You This But Me: A True (As Told to Me) Story by Bess Kalb

Bess Kalb explores the extraordinary life of her grandmother, Bobby, through the
voicemails she left her. From heartfelt sentiments to sage advice and quick-witted
humor, the story of her grandmothers’ life is revealed from memoires,
conversations and stories. Diving into her grandmother and mother’s lives, Kalb
speaks to the incredible bond of family, shared experiences and the significance of
something as simple as a phone call.

Order online from Barbara’s Bookstore for delivery or pick-up.

Minor Dramas & Other Catastrophes by Kathleen West

High school teacher, Isobel Johnson, expects to deal with a normal amount of drama that seems to follow teenagers around. The drama from her student’s parents has proven to be a challenge. With parents who are both highly involved in their student’s schooling and influential in the community, she does her best to avoid any drama and focuses on her students. Julia Abbott is a mother to two teenagers at the school and is, to put it lightly, involved, in her children’s lives. When Isobel starts to receive threats over her lesson plans and Julia is caught up in a scandal with the school’s winter musical, the two form an unexpected alliance to unearth the source of gossip, rumors and lies surrounding the community.

Order for pick-up from Sandmeyer’s Bookstore in Chicago by calling 312-922-2104.

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