10 of the Best Physical and Mental Health Apps to Keep You Connected Right Now

Are you feeling anxious or stressed right now? You aren’t alone. COVID-19 and the uncertainty it brings is affecting everyone. But there are ways to ease your worry, even from home. Take advantage of the many ways you can connect with a therapist, meditate through a challenging time, monitor your sleep, and more with these 10 apps.


Mental Health Apps: Headspace
Image courtesy of Headspace.

This beautifully designed app offers meditations based on different subjects like focus, happiness, anxiety, regret, and sleep. Designed to train your mind, the Headspace meditations last from 10 to 30 minutes and allow you to set goals. We hear actress Mandy Moore is a big fan.

Cost: Free version available; all-access starts at $8 a month.


Do you find yourself trying to overcome negative or stressful thoughts? The Happify app is built to help you manage anxiety with tools to take control of your feelings. As they say, “Small slices of time can make big-time changes,” so the app allows you to complete little tasks and games to retrain your thoughts. You can also measure your mental health progress over time.

Cost: Starts at $14.99.

Charity Miles

This app allows you to get some fresh air and make a difference by turning a run, hike, or walk into a fundraiser for good. Simply choose your charity and get moving while the app tracks your activity. For every mile you complete, the charity of your choice will earn money. A win-win!

Cost: The app is free.

Sleep Cycle

mental health apps: Sleep Cycle
Image courtesy of Sleep Cycle.

Do you ever feel you aren’t getting the sleep you need (and deserve!)? Sleep Cycle can help you figure out what’s going on with your ZZZs by using your phone to sense your rhythms. The app will learn your sleep patterns and will wake you up at the perfect time, so you’ll feel well-rested and refreshed to start the day.

Cost: Different memberships are available starting at $4.99.


A diary of sorts, Moodnotes allows you to track your mood and pinpoint what influences it. Think of it as a helping hand in identifying the cause of that nagging feeling. Over time, Moodnotes will help you bring new perspectives to situations and avoid triggers to negative feelings.

Cost: The app is $4.99.


Talkspace offers access to more than 3,000 licensed therapists at a lower cost than traditional in-office sessions. Once matched with a therapist, you can have face-to-face video sessions, phone calls, send notes, and schedule, all from your phone. Talkspace even offers therapy for teens and couples.

Cost: Plans start at $49 a week.


Mental Health Apps: Calm
Image courtesy of Calm.

A meditation and sleep app, Calm does exactly that: it settles and calms your mind so you can focus, relax, and sleep. Their sleep stories even include a series narrated by Matthew McConaughey. No wonder it’s praised as the world’s “happiest app.”

Cost: Free trial available; memberships start at $12.99 a month.


We all know the benefits of drinking water, but sometimes we need reminders to meet our daily goals. WaterMinder calculates the recommended amount of water based on your weight and height and will send you alerts to drink your H2O until you’ve met your goal.

Cost: The app is $4.99.

Macaire Douglas lives in Chicago with her husband and two sons. She proudly supports Share Our Spare, a local nonprofit that collects goods for children in need.






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