You Said It: Radical Generosity Chicago Is Connecting, Motivating and Mobilizing to Assist Families in Need

Amidst the beautiful, towering skyline of Chicago lies a silent crisis — a staggering 68,000 souls, unsheltered and struggling. Radical Generosity Chicago, a 501(c)(3) organization, encourages families to not just witness this plight but to step into the narrative, to feel the brutal winter wind that these individuals endure daily. Engage, not out of obligation, […]

You Said It: Japan’s 3.11 and the Road to Recovery  

Japan holds a very special place in my personal and professional life. I have walked the Nakasendo, hiked the Michinoku Coastal Trail; paddled the mangroves of Amami and Iriomotejima; climbed Mt. Fuji; bathed in countless onsen and sento for my book, “The Way of the Japanese Bath”; documented the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in the […]

Five Things to Expect at 'Highway Patrol'

Many know Emmy Award-winner Dana Delany from China Beach, Desperate Housewives and other television shows and movies. Delany wrote Highway Patrol — along with co-authors Mike Donahue, Dane Laffrey and Jen Silverman — now playing at The Goodman until February 18.  The play is constructed of tweets, texts, emails and phone conversations Delany had with others who are dramatized in Highway Patrol. Expect […]

The Red Cross Is Facing a Critical Blood Shortage: How to Help Now by Donating, Volunteering and Spreading the Word

In an alarming update issued Jan. 8, 2024, the American Red Cross has declared a nationwide emergency blood shortage, marking the most severe crisis of its kind in two decades. With a significant 40% decrease in blood donors, the organization is grappling with dwindling supplies that could potentially delay critical medical procedures across the United […]

New In Town: Wagyu House Chicago by the X Pot, All-Day Brunch from Evette's, Mexican in Soho House, and Artisan Gelato With a Circus Sideshow

Chicago’s summer restaurant scene is sizzling with the launch of innovative new dining experiences and new locations from tried-and-true favorites. From a new X Pot experience to gelato with a side of circus, to a permanent Mexican spot at Soho House and all-day brunch from the Evette’s team, there’s a lot to nosh on. Here’s […]