A Safe Haven's New Behavioral Health Center: Saving Lives and Winning The Fight Against Homelessness

For over 20 years, A Safe Haven Foundation (ASHF) has led the charge in helping individuals experiencing homelessness through an innovative and cohesive approach, designed to uplift every person who comes through their doors. Their employment center connects individuals with career opportunities; their adult education department grants people academic skills; the vocational training wing gives […]

Alzheimer's Association Celebrates Caregivers, Spotlights Impact of Balancing Work With Care of a Loved One

The Alzheimer’s Association estimates that over six million people in the United States have Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia. Each of these people need care, and that care is frequently provided by over 11 million unpaid caregivers: spouses, siblings, children, or sometimes just concerned friends and neighbors. More than half of these caregivers are employed […]

31 Best Things to Do in Chicago and the Suburbs This March 2024

Whether you’re celebrating Women’s History Month; the traditions of St. Patrick’s Day; or merely the resurgence of spring, Chicagoland is blossoming with events and celebrations of community, food, art and more — for everyone. For those who patiently waited for winter to pass, the time has come to explore the city once again. Read on for our […]

You Said It: Radical Generosity Chicago Is Connecting, Motivating and Mobilizing to Assist Families in Need

Amidst the beautiful, towering skyline of Chicago lies a silent crisis — a staggering 68,000 souls, unsheltered and struggling. Radical Generosity Chicago, a 501(c)(3) organization, encourages families to not just witness this plight but to step into the narrative, to feel the brutal winter wind that these individuals endure daily. Engage, not out of obligation, […]