Lighten Up Your Interior for Spring

Lake Forest designer Amy Leafblad says that while each season offers opportunities to change a home’s interior, spring boasts the opportunity to make the most dramatic difference.

“By this point of the year, we are all feeling sun-deprived and most likely suffering from cabin fever!” Leafblad says.

To create a new mood, Leafblad advises her clients to change the texture and patterns by adding throw pillows, changing the art throughout the home and adding the color green to the room with fresh plants or herbs.

Or consider taking a more literal approach to add that fresh touch of green: Castino Painting and Home Services’ Director of Marketing Kimberly Lynch-Jones says painting the walls can add a big bang for your buck.

“The cheapest and best way to change the look of the room is to paint,” says Lynch-Jones, who recommends going green environmentally as well by using low-VOC paint.

“Paint has lots of fumes, and it’s not good for people, particularly children and people with asthma,” she says.

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