Better or Bust: BodyMedia Body Monitoring Armband

I am not, by nature, a gadget person. But my BodyMedia armband and I? We are inseparable.

BodyMedia tells me if I got a good night’s sleep. BodyMedia lets me know if I need to add ten minutes to my workout. BodyMedia nudges me to walk to school to pick up the kids, instead of driving.

The Better: BodyMedia helped me lose five pounds since February.

How does BodyMedia know all these intimate details? The four sensors in the armband pull data from your body at an impressive rate of 5,000 data points per minute, and I’ve found it to be quite accurate at measuring calorie burn.

The only Bust? BodyMedia doesn’t know what you eat. I’ll forgive it for that, because after all, that would be getting a little Orwellian for anyone’s liking. You need to input your food into either the smartphone app, or the site.

If I had it to do over again, I would buy the armband with Bluetooth technology so that I could get real time information on my iPhone, instead of having to go to my laptop, remove the armband and connect it via cable to upload the data and find out where I stand during the day.

$180 at major retailers