Let Chicago’s Beauty Mask Your Untidy Home on Zoom Calls

If you’re fortunate enough to have been working from home since the shelter-in-place mandate was announced, the world of Zoom video conferences and other similar services is all too familiar. In a previous article, we mention a soap-operaesque filter that softens not-camera-ready faces, and suggest a handful of cozy yet professional outfits to wear on […]

9 Reasons You’re Not Rich Yet

Updated Aug. 10, 2018 You make a decent living, have a nice house and don’t have any debt. But yet, you still haven’t achieved the true financial freedom that comes with ample retirement savings, capital to support the philanthropic causes that are important to you, and wealth to pass on to your children and grandchildren. […]

The Secret to Getting the Salary or Raise You Deserve

Dana White, author of “Leader Designed,” was offered a fellowship at the Wall Street Journal — an impressive accomplishment and coveted position by any measure. But, she turned it down. She was working for the Department of Defense at the time, and says she was well past the fellowship stage of her career.  “My position was, […]

How to Be Sure You’re Saving Enough for Retirement

While 98 percent of wealthy Chicago women say they are confident they will reach their financial goals, 67 percent of them lose sleep over money worries, according to a recent survey by Charles Schwab. Of those who say financial fears keep them up at night, the most common concern is outliving their money. So, what’s […]