Self-Tanning: The Good, The Bad And The Stinky

Most pale-skinned ladies like to have a healthy summer glow. But sitting in the sun goes against everything we’ve been taught. So a girl has no choice but to turn to a shelf full of self-tanning products, of course. But how do you separate the best from the rest?


Mibs tested a number of new and trendy self-tanning products using a five-star rating system, and here’s what we discovered.

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer ($7.99)
Available wherever beauty products are sold.
You don’t have to spend a lot of money for good skincare. The natural glow deepened with daily use. Its texture left our skin feeling moisturized, not greasy. There is a faint smell as you apply, but if you put it on at night, the scent will be gone by morning.

Arbonne Made In The Shade Self-Tanner SPF 15 ($28)
Available through Arbonne sales representatives.
We love this botanically based self-tanner and sunscreen in one. It gives a nice, even, natural-looking tan—no trace of pumpkin orange.

L’Occitane Self-Tanner Progressive Natural Tan ($26)
Available at L’Occitane locations at Old Orchard and Highland Park.
This is a favorite. It lived up to its promise to naturally bronze while being light to the touch and fragrance-free. Apply consistently for best results. We only wish it came in a bigger size.

Clarins Crème Solaire Sunscreen (SPF 10) Soothing Cream ($37)
Available at Nordstrom or other fine department stores where Clarins products are sold.
Crème Solaire is a luxurious product. Even on fair skin, the color appears bronze, and there’s a hint of floral fragrance. While it’s the most expensive product we tested, a little seems to go a long way.

Model Co. Tan Airbrush In a Can ($30)
Available at bluemercury, 680 North Bank Lane, Lake Forest.
Tan In a Can is great for touching up a farmer’s tan before slipping on that strapless dress. It smells like cotton candy as you spray it on, but the scent dissipates quickly. Don’t spread the tanning spray with your hands, and be sure to let it dry before getting dressed.
Nivea Body Sunkissed Firming Lotion, Light to Medium ($7.49)

Available wherever beauty products are sold.
The texture of this lotion is nice and light, and you begin to bronze almost immediately. It’s great—except for the overwhelming musty-feet smell.

Do you agree with our reviews? Do you have a product you love? Tell us about it in the camments section below or drop us a note.