You're Invited: The Art of Skin Gala Is a Multi-Sensory Celebration of Beauty and Diversity

Skin. It defines us and tells our stories. Throughout our history, artists, painters, sculptors, photographers and filmmakers have passionately created the “art of skin.” And if there’s one thing we’ve learned over time, it’s that all skin is beautiful. That’s why the Chicago Dermatological Society is hosting the Art of Skin Gala, a live, in-color […]

Pandemic Pampering: Ways to Practice Self Care

Our concerns have been shrinking and expanding, in quantity and level of importance, almost constantly since the beginning of the pandemic. Some of these worries — relating to job loss, mortgage or rent, and of course, health — are clearly more pressing, but it doesn’t mean other less crucial matters haven’t been keeping us up […]

Summer Heat & Face Masks: How to Avoid “Maskne”

As the weather heats up and we enter Phase 4 of our reopening plan, we finally get to enjoy the outdoors and public places we have missed so much. To protect others, we are required to wear face masks while out and about, a rule that will last until we have a COVID-19 vaccine (this […]

7 Fashion and Beauty Brands Giving Back During the Coronavirus

Many of your favorite fashion and beauty brands have already stepped up and are donating profits, time and even product to charities and healthcare workers on the front line. And most are offering discounts to shoppers as well. It’s the perfect time to show your support for the brands who are giving back during coronavirus. […]